This website is based on WordPress, an open source website management system (cms).

By means of WordPress it is possible to set up a fast, reliable and good quality website. With this website the webmaster, or website owner can easily manage the website himself (content management system).

The use of WordPress is free of charge, which means that you can easily set up a website yourself and work cost-efficiently.

However, if you want a professional looking website we can recommend you to choose a party that has a lot of experience in setting up a website.

One of the parties we can recommend is Wednesday, a company from Nijmegen that develops WordPress websites and webshops (with Woocommerce). Take a look at https://woensdag.nl

Nowadays a website has to be user-friendly and fast, the advantage with WP is that with a few plugins you can already make big steps in this. But also make sure the hosting is accurate and in line with the wishes of the cms.