Search Engine Optimization

You keep a nice archive of this, and after a few months you can see very well where you are doing well, and what you can do better. Very valuable information for anyone who is serious about improving his/her internet visibility.

However, some parts are technical and require SEO knowledge. We can also help you tackle areas for improvement.

The navigation of a website is important to help visitors find the desired content quickly. It also allows search engines to better understand which content material the webmaster considers important. Although Google’s search results are given at page level, Google also wants to know what role a page plays within the relaxation of the site. You need to create a web site that benefits your users and any optimization should be aimed at improving the user experience.

We also look at the code/content ratio, or the ratio between the two.
Certain definitions can also be seen on the search results page.
With link building, content material advertising and code optimization we increase your online visibility and help your web site to a higher position in Google.
It is wise to tackle the most important factors first.
Here you can read what such a web optimization report looks like and what our specialists all pay attention to.
Search engine optimization (web optimization) plays an important role if you want to increase your online visibility. After all, if your web site is found well, you will get more visitors. We are seo specialist and offer search engine optimization with link building to improve your organic findability in search engines.

Together we will discuss which strategy we are going to implement to achieve your goals. With the right strategy you can use search engine optimization to get long term visitors on your website, without additional costs like Google Ads (AdWords). On the basis of a search term analysis, we check whether these have been properly incorporated into texts. We optimize pages and build a strong reputation with link building in order to be found well on the chosen search terms. We constantly keep our knowledge up-to-date to improve the findability of your web site.

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